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Aftermath Pt. 2

Posted on: May 27th, 2014 by Lexus 17 Comments

The aftermath, Maybe I should make more "during" math LOL(what what?)! anyway hope you like it! :) anything specific on what I should improve on just let me know.

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17 Responses

  1. specki888 says:

    please make more flat chest.. flat chest are so rare here im sad :S but the pic is very nice

  2. Asael says:

    Perfect body, especially the breasts’ size and shape! Karin is my favorite character so this picture is amazing. Looking forward to seeing more of your “during” with her! :)

  3. shinigami says:

    This is great, but I think that it could be better by modelling this series after the one on narutopixxx

  4. Xeos says:

    Still need to improve on the Pussy’s, maybe try different shapes and sizes.

    still 5/5 though.

  5. Arcaz says:

    I love the idea of these Aftermaths. I agree with what punisher said: a focus on the actual sex would be preferable most of the time, but some “aftermath” pics are a really nice touch here and there.

  6. Si-Chan says:

    Hmm thinking about there will be continue story about That After Sex Feeling Pt. 2
    because looks like you like to connect pictures :)

    • lexus says:

      It will be followed by a sequel called “Hit me baby one more time” …8)
      I’m kidding! but you’re right though, I like connecting pictures XD

  7. Zarak says:

    WTF? if you look Toshiro at first glance, you will think it’s Kakashi Lmao.
    he looks like he’s standing in front of her while she’s sleeping XD
    very good art as always Lexus.

  8. Zelos says:

    Love the aftermath pics! It would be awesome if you did more like this with various threesomes, foursomes, etc. Would be great! Beautiful Artwork Lexus! :3

  9. Don says:

    excellent! maybe a little bit more cum on her tits but excellent xD

  10. punisher says:

    Well the picture is great but it would be better of you concentrated more on “during math”…however it is still nice to see aftemath every once in awhile!

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