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Posted on: April 11th, 2014 by Lexus 10 Comments
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Requested by: Terminator. Disclaimer though, Yuzu is older here, since we are prohibited to draw kids. And if ever requests have kids in them, they will be drawn as adults. Hope you like this one!

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10 Responses

  1. Ichimaru the fox says:

    Oh yeah nice asses

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  2. jayday says:

    Lolicon is such a pain. Yachiru is like 100s of years old but people say she is a kid.
    Yuzu and Karin have had awesome pixxx but it doesnt go into my mind that they’re kids I just think of them as teenagers after puberty. Yuzu and Karin should have a just 18 tag or something.

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  3. Terminator says:

    Love this! So beautifully drawn :3 Awesome just awesome job lexus Thanks so much for this

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  4. Jacketguy says:

    Ah I love me some Yuzu and it’s nice to see her in a voluptuous form, but her petite form is also great. Once again lexus you have created a masterpiece! :)

    You know, I think I like your pics more than Ellery’s because of the liquids (juices, saliva, sweat), the little details (like Kon, clothes, detail to both parties bodies, folds in butts and breasts when squeezed, Yoruichi’s tattoo which I had to look up), and the overall shininess along with the sex flushed look. Keep doing what you’re doing man, 10/5 for me!

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  5. GodOfPeace says:

    Yuzu is the cutest, I was wondering when she’ll have her debut, and here she is.:) 5/5*! I hope to see her more in the future~

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  6. HEF says:

    jaja I liked the fact that Kon is spying

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  7. isshin says:

    just because you’re drawing an older Yuzu it doesn’t mean she’ll be two feet taller and have big breasts. last time I checked there are lots of petite 18y Olds in the world. if somebody asks you to draw Yuzu from bleach then that’s what you should draw not your version of Yuzu. Just like Joe says just assume she’s a petite 18y old. Ellery never had a problem doing it right

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  8. Ishino says:

    Yuzu is so sexy.
    Thks ^.-

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  9. Don says:

    wonderful the details, the little red strawberry on her bra, just perfect!

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