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Posted on: April 7th, 2014 by Admin 11 Comments

To those complaining about their previous post still not being processed. Please re-post your requests, after Ellery went under we have no records which requests she have done. It would be very helpful for Joe and Lexus if you guys just re-post them and avoid flooding the Suggestion box with non-request contents. Only those requests not processed by Ellery if you please :) Best Regards, -WebAdmin


11 Responses

  1. Big says:

    Will she come back eventually ?

  2. spaceman says:

    the tags for the pixxx aren’t working for me

  3. Unohana-Lover says:

    I wanted my request too if not bother, it is still on this page i dont want to repost to avoid spam^^

  4. Edwardnewgate says:

    I’m hentaikey member over 3 years, and i think is FAIR if you guys take the older requests instead the new ones. There are people in here who are waiting like 4+ months here for their requests and you guys keep skiping…, the pattern of pixxx are 25 pictures per month, i know because one of the artists is my friend in real, so theres more than enough time to fulfill all member requests, specially now if the site has 2 artists. Lets give some more attention for those who hasnt yet have their request done, after all it isnt comming for free we are paying for that. Thanks and welcome to new guys.

  5. Kensei-Taichou says:

    I just hope to get my request done, i dont need re-update mine i alredy requested 2 times on this page…i appreciate if Lexus take, i enjoy his art. And yes its fair enough if older requests have prioritty i agree

    • Admin says:

      I just need you to re-post it if it was posted on Ellery’s Era so it goes back on top of the list and be processed by the new Artists.

      If you posted that request when Lexus and Joe started working, then that is ok.
      no need to re-post, I will remind them.

      best regards,

      NOTE: The removal of http and https are optional for new posts, it helps your request to appear quickly rather than sit between 500 spams.
      I will still go through all spams to approve your comments if it gets mixed-up there, so no worries.

  6. TakaSasuke20 says:

    Why do you mean by “after Ellery went under”?

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