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Posted on: March 31st, 2014 by Joe 29 Comments
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Requested by Hina. First post for this week. FYI guys, Lexus and I will be finishing off the requests from March before we move on to April's. If we can squeeze in more, we will attempt to backtrack requests from where Ellery left off. We appreciate all your requests and we're trying to do as much of them as we can while of course being fair to all the members. For now, hope you enjoy this one. As always, your comments and feedbacks are appreciated.

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29 Responses

  1. TakaSasuke20 says:

    Will you guys do Holiday themed images at all?

  2. Ivan says:

    Ok that’s looks very strange. All artists didn’t any new pics for this month. Something happened ? HK got a lot problems or all artists began a total strike. Seriously what’s going on here!

    • lexus says:

      The site is down, and everyone is working on it to be fixed. Uploading images gives us errors, so till then, me and joe are still working on pictures to be posted once this site is up and running again. although i am not sure about the other pixxx sites/artists.

      • Ivan says:

        So that’s may mean that and all sites down too and no one artist can’t upload pics. HK’s system got failed and unknown when it will be fixed .
        Great Shame only that artists must informating about it when HK leave in darkness their members about this problem

        • Joe says:

          Things happened in such short notice so we weren’t able to inform the members about it beforehand. At the moment, Lexus and I aren’t able to upload anything because of the ongoing maintenance. Everyone is doing their best to speed up the process so hang tight, we’ll have more art for you to enjoy.

  3. TakaSasuke20 says:

    Hey I’m not trying to be mean or anything but will we be notified when Ellery returns? I miss her drawings. I like Joe’s and Lexus’ art styles too but I also liked the way Ellery did her images. She did them closer to the anime.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Where is the awesome artists? I hope you guys come back soon. I love your work and lexus!!!!! You guys are the Bomb!!!! <3

    • lexus says:

      The Site is currently down, although its almost fixed, we still can’t upload anything yet..but the admins are working on it.. Don’t worry, me and joe are already working on a lot of stuff and requests, so when the site is back up and running, there will be lots of goodies to be posted :)

      • Raven says:

        So, can we expect lots of pics at the same time when the site is up again? If yes, then it’ll be awesome and our patience would’ve paid off!

        • Joe says:

          That’s right. Sorry we didn’t announce it straight away. We’re currently doing some updates and maintenance with the site so it should be back up soon. In the meantime we’re working on a few interesting pin-ups for you guys. We’ll be posting works in one lumpsome once everything gets back to working order. Thanks for understanding you guys. We’ll make it worth it.

    • Joe says:

      We’re still alive and working on new pin-ups each day. You can expect loads more in the days to come. Hang tight. :)

  5. Damndude says:

    We’ll I hope and I’m sure you don’t take criticism to much to the heart and use it to get better you did listen to what I had to say about the feet and it looks much improved but obviously an artist dosent come in course of few artworks I’ll take months maybe years before you really reach your potential and make more improved verstions but I see your improving and I thank you for that just work on hat people have problems with and I think you start getting it down thanks for the feedback your sending though!!!

    • Joe says:

      Yep. It’s not really pleasant to get negative feedbacks but as an artist, this can never be avoided and it really is necessary for growth. There are times when an artist needs a different pair of eyes (I’m figuratively speaking here of course) to see what mistakes could have possibly happened on an artwork. And that’s what members are providing me with which I use to my advantage. As always, I encourage all feedbacks.

  6. Xeos says:

    Looking at all the other comments, it seems people aren’t that happy with how your art is turning out. I for one think you’ve done well coming back to a different style after being accustomed to another for so long.

    Though not the quality side, your art does resemble Ellery’s style somewhat, and that’s the direction I think you should go in. Her lines aren’t alaways consistent, but they are curved in all the right places, which I’ve noticed with yours that they can be blocky or jagged in places, like the legs for example. Her shading style was great, and I think with a bit of practice you can replicate her style well.

    Also, can you not use titles for your work instead of just the names of characters? x’D

    • Joe says:

      Thanks. With the lines, I found that it’s my bane even before as I’m accustomed to paintings which lines were not necessary. I do lines better and clean with traditional media (which I haven’t done for maybe a year or so now) than with Photoshop but my scanner’s busted and I’m already used with the digital media anyway. Thanks to the mighty Lexus’ suggestion, I tried out Sai and doing lines there is just so awesome now. I’ve heard of Sai before but never really bothered to use it and now that I am using it, I go “what was I thinking before?!”. So you can expect my lines to look better with each work. As with the titles, sure, the requester didn’t put in a title for this so I just used the names instead. I’ll do some titles next time, don’t worry.

  7. Ricky says:

    I’m not saying this to be rude, but it seems you’re having a little difficulty adjusting to this particular style. Is there any way you could do more of a “painting” style, similar to your “Candidate #3″ picture, and let Lexus do a more traditional style? Your Orihime picture was quite nice, but these recent pictures have been… off. The body proportions seem unusual, and the faces are not very good, either. You’ll likely get better at this type of illustration given some time to adjust, but your painting style for the Orihime pic made it seem like you were already experienced with it.

    • Joe says:

      Actually, that’s true. Since the past months, I’ve been doing paintings instead of cell shades from previous clients I had. I only got back to cell shading just a month ago (though I’ve done manga and anime since highschools days) and it’s the comic book type of cell shading that I was doing even before that which isn’t Bleach-ish. It should take a few tries to get it down right and to get used to it. I’d be glad to make a painting style illustration though I remember from the comments that some members didn’t like the style as it veers away from the ‘Bleach look and feel’. Now that you’ve put it out there, I’ll try doing another paint-style illustration with one of my posts this week and we’ll see how other members feel about it.

      • Jacketguy says:

        You know, I think that’d be perfect as it let’s YOU draw what you want. As an artist, you just need that freedom sometimes. I’d totally be down with a painting style pic once a week/every other week/month, whatever. Bleachpixxx is about to become the ultimate melting pot :)

  8. StaticDemon says:

    The heads are a bit big or maybe the bodies are too short…
    Also, the hair is a bit pointy for Captain Ukitake.
    Captain Ukitake’s hair is very feminine. The hair needs to flow.

    The coloring and background are great though. I have no doubts you’ll improve.

  9. GodOfPeace says:

    Ugh, I’m so sorry to say this, but.. I feel like there’s still some serious issues with your work, Ukitake looks like a deformed gnome here and Hinamori’s face is.. ugly, to say the least.:[ I can only suggest, what I’ve suggested before; try to analyze screenshots from the anime more closely & pay more attention on the proportions (for example, their heads are always too big compared to their bodies and their eyes are also misplaced/oversized, etc.)

  10. HEF says:

    I think you should work more on the proportions

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