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“Dark Lust”

Posted on: December 6th, 2012 by Admin 9 Comments

Requested by HentaiFan

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  1. WakeUpKiva says:

    Select which Yoruichi is hotter?

    Like for the current Yoruichi! Dislike for the short-haired Yoruichi from the past!

  2. HentaiFan says:

    Hi Ellery thank you for make my request, the angle and the expressions are perfect. Yoruichi is super hot. Thank you.

  3. Erebasu says:

    Yea Yoruichi does look nice, I don’t believe I’ve ever seen these two together. Nice work Ellery

  4. someone says:

    another request of hentaifan, xxxlover, erotixxx, kubo, erik good job troll

  5. GodOfPeace says:

    Niice! Yoruichi is smokin’ hot

  6. worldsend90 says:

    hey ellery while ur art is awesum it isnt unfair that hentaifan got 4 of his requests drawn while sum dont even have one
    i dont understand why the pixx artists do this kind of unprofessional work?
    i mean he pays the same of the rest of us then why is given special treatment while the rest of us r shunned sideways
    i really hope that a more variety of requests r made which are made by various members nt jst one

    • someone says:

      Man, there are only one user who use many names and have a lot of requests and some names are: Beck, Rucchi, Sanji, X-DRAKE, MFDOOM, CR7, Joe Cole and now Zuko. This guy uses my name for atack other members. Stop trlling piece of shit!!

    • Someone says:

      @Someone and worldsendo90: Shut up X-Drake, Rucchi, Sanji, Mirabo, CR7, Beck, MFDOOM, Joe_Cole, Zuko and the list never ends. Just because you use a lot of names in the past doesn’t means that other people do the same. Rex was the first that discover you and then you stop using all that names, but now you have some requests with a new name: Zuko. Yes, I know. So stop suffer.

  7. Someone says:

    another request of hentaifan, erotixxx, xxxlover, kubo, erik, good job man

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