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Posted on: August 9th, 2012 by Admin 48 Comments
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  hey guys. Oh god. I know that I promised from last month that I will make it up to you guys and never skip more than 2 days without postings?. I'm really sorry if I broke it! I just survived a really bad flooding. My country is really known from having a freakish tropical weathers. not so long ago..(3 years) when I first experience a flooding that reached the second floor of my house. and now. It happened to me again. I got stuck in my my house for 3 days without electricity. that's the reason why that I updated this blog  just now. Currently I'm in an "officebase" situation. I will be doing my works here at our company's office. I won't be able to do my jobs at home, because of the flood at my place being stagnant for a long period of time. anyway, expect new updates starting today. I'll be like a machine gun. I promise. PS. I don't know if I've been a Bad Person in my other life, to under go with these circumstances. Or maybe. I pissed of the goddess of  Hentai. WORST QAQ|||

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48 Responses

  1. Ellery, please draw a pic of byakuya and rangiku having sex.

  2. LoveNarutoHentai says:

    LOL just like rex are you two from the same country

  3. kokey123 says:

    kawawa naman tayo…….last year ang init tapos ngayon bumabaha!!!!

  4. kokey123 says:

    kawawa naman ang pilipinas noh…….una init tapos ngayon ulan na naman

  5. ELLERY FAN says:

    People stop down voting nice comments.And i hope your okay girl :)

  6. LoL says:

    so you and rex are both from the philippines. . . . cool.

  7. Anonymousse says:

    And be careful over there since you’ll be working in the office. :)

  8. Consoler says:

    *patpats Ellery* Don’t sweat it, Ellery. Your well being is top priority. Just do you what you can with whatever you’ve got. You have my support (especially since we seem to be from the same country. XD

  9. Rupert Frankenstien says:

    Stop apologizing so much. This is your website, your porn, and it should be on your time. Yes, people want their hentai, but they can wait

  10. Loldude says:

    Are you from the Philippines Ellery

  11. YourFather says:

    Ellery, don’t over work yourself, I’m fine waiting a day or two, atleast you’re still making masterpieces right? I mean, what more can we ask for?
    Good thing you survived , if you died or injured we wouldn’t be getting any of this at all! So all you impatient people out there, go fuck yourself and wait.
    Glad you are alright, and I hope everything works out soon. Your big fan -Dahn

    P.S. If you dislike my comment, you’re gay. If you like, you respect Ellery. Now let’s see who’s gay

  12. GGGGG says:

    Wait a sec, dengue!!??,freakish weather!!?,flooding!!??

    Youre from the phillipines aren’t you? Cool :D

  13. Deavin says:

    no problem

  14. says:


  15. someone says:

    Wait flood? Are you in phil? There is a flood here and just stopped this day wow lol

  16. JulCan1987 says:

    Sorry to hear that, at least you’re okay.

  17. Hinamori says:

    what the hell? whenever i posted an hour ago my post never showed up.

    what i said earlier was, I do have two friends in the Philippines area and some around southern Asia, they told me the weather was pretty bad around there.

    Glad your ok, Ellery

  18. Unbroken says:

    Dude try being stuck for a week and a half in your house with no power.
    Not fun.

  19. Sterling says:

    Crap, my rainmaking rituals were too effective!

    On a more serious note, I’m glad to hear you’re all right.

  20. rafath says:

    In good Ellery, need not be a machine gun. Just be yourself doing your art. You’re going through a difficult time and all MUST respect that.

  21. Hinamori says:

    I actually have about 2 friends that live in Philippines or around that area. From what I hear the weather does get pretty bad there at times.

    glad your safe, Ellery

  22. op says:

    Ellery, did u eat the “bad luck fruit”?

  23. deathy says:

    Ellery, did u eat the “bad luck fruit”?

  24. Duude says:

    What’s the point even if you update, the pics recently just don’t worth the wait. Too much solo. No Cowgirl posistions, overrepeative characters, etc. Especially why no cowgirl positions? i rather wait a month for a good pic For example: GrimmjowXHallibel cowgirl position instead of seeing same pics every 3-4 days. Take your time, and post pics that worth waiting for. Choose good positions and character like: Grimmjow and Hallibe or Ulquiorra and Nel, etc. Good luck.

  25. waffle_lover says:

    you serious got some bad Luck. atleast your safe.

  26. ahahaha says:


  27. Skiel says:

    Whoever keeps disliking the comments means they don’t respect Ellery’s note of lateness

  28. Kaz says:

    Wow, Ellery, you’ve just gotten a ton of bad luck recently. Man, it’s just good to hear from you with all this going on. And don’t rush yourself, the faster you go, the more mistakes you make just take it easy and go at your own pace. Hope everything goes all right! ;)

  29. otakugene says:

    Just glad to hear from you. Just take it in stride, don’t burn yourself out being the “machine gun”; after all the faster you fire the faster you run out.

  30. WakeUpKiva says:

    That’s hard to hear. If you got caught in that flood, we would’ve not know whats with the update. Other than that, glad you’re alive. But a flood, ouch…

  31. jinrex015 says:

    Now I am sure you live in the philippines (mabuhay!) the bad weather here subsided!

  32. RandomFeller says:

    As long as your okay and not hurt, I’m fine with less posts. Some people might hate, but take your time. You can’t prevent natural disasters or sickness, especially if the hygiene or weather in your country is bad. Also, you should stop apologizing and saying you’ll make it up, because people get too dependent on your promises and rant or hate on you for that. As long as your safe and not dead is what’s important to me, and maybe, many, others. Best of luck, Ellery.

    (Notice the guy who thumbs down all these replies, ignorant jerks…)

  33. Justin says:

    Do you by any chance live in the philippines?

  34. Hidan says:

    After all these bad things what happened with you the slow updates must be one of the less serious yours problems. But nonetheless thanks for you still try keep in touch with us and give some news about you. Hopefully soon all your problems will be solved and everything will be alright with you, your home you family and your luck.

  35. RealDD says:

    If there are any volcanos in your area, better watch out ! Cuz i think THAT is next ! :D

  36. kkr says:

    There was a flood in poland 3 years ago, i got strange thought you might be from there. Anyway, im happy you are okay, even if your house isnt:( take care !!!

  37. Hawk says:

    Everyone who respects you will understand your situation and will hopefully be patient with you and your updates. Nobody should blame you.

  38. Whoo says:


  39. Nate says:

    Put blunt: stop apoligising for things ya cant control. We’re not going to hold a damm FLOODING against you girl :P . I’m just glad that, despite all the shit thats been thrown at you, you’re still ALIVE. Good luck with the flood etc. We’ll be waiting for ya when all is well again. ^^ best wishes!

  40. E 1991 says:

    I assume you live somewhere within southeast asia

    Hoepfully you manage to return safely

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