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“Yachiru’s Fun Ride”

Posted on: August 5th, 2012 by Admin 45 Comments


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  1. Hiori says:

    Lets all just calm just calm down.
    Ellery’s just takin a lil brake, thats all
    nothn to fuss about

  2. Kiss My Sweet ASS says:

    Hey you the every hentaikey members, you’re all is incredible stupid idiots at all, never doesn’t doubt about it. For what you are paying? You’re support the website where openly lie to you and when you start to complain about it, simply ignore you or ask to shut up If you have a little too much money you should give for people who really needs this but not a company of the lying bitches like hentaikei

    • Sterling says:

      I don’t know about you, but I pay my subscription every month to support artists like Ellery because I love their art.

      Why don’t you take your obviously lacking intelligence elsewhere?


    • Hinamori says:

      One reason why I’m not a member is because 30 bucks a month is expensive for me at the moment. Getting married isn’t cheap, not to mention raising kids. If there was a cheaper offer like for just the pixxx sites, i might be a member.

      But seriously dude if you’re going to rant and yell at Ellery and Hentaikey atleast use proper fucking English. None of that “you’re all is incredible stupid idiots” And you’re calling us stupid? go back to elementary school and actually learn something you stupid fuck

  3. jayday says:

    I say just leave it at the first comment and don’t bother anymore because you get sucked into the trap. Just don’t bother reasoning, lots of people always want the last word.
    I fail because I made a comment bout this joke lol.

    Anyhow Ellery posted alot this week must of been because she near she had places to be so instead of doing one per day then going to wherever she posted double the ammount so all is way its just we have to wait for new ones :D

  4. RoyalGuard says:

    Chill out dude, maybe Ellery is on vacation or visiting her family or something. She’ll post when she can, don’t worry

  5. dude says:

    Can the next pic be Ichigo x Rukia?
    Seeing them together just feels just right and natrual

  6. Yellow says:

    Now what, daily updates please…

    • Hinamori says:

      Ellery posted alot of pictures the past few days, I think she deserves a little break

      • Yellow says:

        Shut up punk, Ellery must update daily, I am asking something fair. You are not even a member but you visit the site and comment everyday, get a life.

        • private says:

          Calm Down Dude As an member I support and quite agree with you but everything isn’t so bad and the situation is not critical; Ellery did 22 pics this month and I have a funny feeling we gonna be seeing 30 pics till the end of months here. Relax Man.
          After all Ellery exactly not this one who deserved shit, exist another Mr. super lazy artist who can’t finish few uncolored pics over month, who even don’t try support daily updates, who are work much less than Ellery Robert and Claudius. This persone is exactly one who deserve many shit and alot the complaints

          • Yellow says:

            At least you are a member and not a loser trolling in the comment section. I know Lazy Rex is the worst that’s why I don’t even visit his page. But is not the first time Elley leave the site some days without updates. And remember the site was offline long time, I don´t know why some people thinks is normal leave the site like that, I think they don´t want to see new pics.

        • Hinamori says:

          @Yellow. fuck you faggot atleast i have better things to do then cry and bitch on a hentai site

          • Yellow says:

            Sure that’s why you still trolling, I don´t waste my time with jerks like you, so get a life loser.

          • someone says:

            Yellow, I know it may be hard for you to tell, but you are the troll here. Hinamori made a nice comment defending Ellery and you trolled him hard. Also, who cares if we visit this site everyday and comment? We love Ellery’s art.

          • WakeUpKiva says:

            @Yellow Ellery is a human being. She cant update that MANY pictures 24/7, its bad for her health. People do need a break for the time being, you just can’t force the artist to update new pics even if it’s frustrate you.

        • Hinamori says:

          you calling me a troll for defending Ellery? If that’s what you think then you can go eat a dick.
          and I don’t have a life? I have a decent paying job, getting married in a few months, and have a daughter. Yep, I don’t have a life.
          I only really visit this site cause i like Bleach and I like Ellery’s art and support it

          • Yellow says:

            Whatever punks, stop crying you all are non members. @Hinamori: Defending from what? I didn´t attacked Ellery I ask something fair, support Ellery paying a membership as me. Your brainless and your insults tell me the kind of people you are. You are just a piece of shit. Anyway this is my last comment for you.

        • Hinamori says:

          Seriously, that is funny. You call me a piece of shit but what do you do? probably living with mommy and daddy, mooching off of them. what have you done? I actually made something of myself.

          • nick says:

            @yellow i’m not a member but we all see your point. sure it says updated daily but you have to realize that although this is ellery’s job, she still has a life so go easy on her will you. and as for rex well i dont blame you for complaining. more than a months gone and he still hasn’t colored those 4 pics plus theres a pic without a name

          • Sterling says:

            This whole argument is stupid.

            Ellery is doing a great job.

  7. Yuggi says:

    Good Pic, how about a pic with Rukia, Riruka and Ichigo?

  8. Yachiru says:

    Hey, next time you do a Yachiru pic can you draw her like the way you did in the pic called “And the lucky Shinigami is…”. She looked much better there.

  9. Hiori says:

    Hey i was just kidding man. LOL

    i dont give a fucking damn whether its kusajisku or whatever. As long as i can tell who it is. ^-^
    basicly i just piled up everything that sounds negative cuz i keep seeing people whos comments are and i wanted to see how many red thumbs ill get.
    And the thing i said about rob, its the opposite when ellery came in the site got alooooot better.

    I luv your art and ill never be able to draw like you.

    Keep up the good work.^^

  10. Hinamori says:

    One thing i really want to see in the manga is more of Soi fon. Cause during her fight with Barragon she lost her arm and i was curious if she had it fixed during the timeskip. I couldn’t really tell last chap.

    • Sterling says:

      No, I’m pretty sure she’s as armless as the head captain.

      • Anonymous says:

        In the side arc she had both of her arms, the head captain only has one because he it a badge of honor and shame.

        • Hinamori says:

          true, but the anime fillers don’t follow the manga, so Tite Kubo might keep her armless, or make it where her arm is back since they did that in the anime

          • Distany says:

            just so u know it has been comfirm that soi fong has her other back now some guy on a site posted an intreview of kubo answering ?s about the up coming arcs

  11. Hiori says:

    It really starts to piss me off how you change peoples name. Its kusajiSHI and its nozOmi not nozUmi and instead of gingerbUck it should be gingerbAck etc.
    And that doesnt look like yachiru.
    If u cant draw people like yachiru momo dont draw them.

    This site has gotten really crappy since rob left.

    • Hinamori says:

      hey dude, shut the hell up. And in my opinion Ellery’s art is better than Roberts (his was still good though)

      If you don’t like her art then leave. problem solved

  12. Sasuke says:

    Yachiru x Ichigo would be cool

  13. Hinamori says:

    Just curious but does anyone know when the next Bleach chapter will come out? I know the one that came out last week mentioned that tite Kubo was going to be on break for 3 weeks, but I’m not sure if that meant the break from christmas time

    • jayday says:

      I believe its 8th of feb, let met check MH..yep its the 8th. I like adult Yachiru but I reckon she would be hotter with smaller breast and skinny body.

      • Sterling says:

        Yeah, Kubo took a three-week break (feels like way more than that, though, given the holidays).

        • Sterling says:

          Oh, and I definitely agree. Loli Yachiru > fake adult Yachiru. Same goes for flat-chested versions of Rukia, etc.

          • someone says:

            I agree with you so much Sterling, I wish we didn’t have these laws. Luckily though, they really only affect major companies/artists that are being watched by everyone (like HentaiKey) and there are only a small few who have been convicted. If we want the loli/petite/normal versions, we can still privately commission artists on the side (like Ellery, BBMBBF, Claudius, etc.), though that costs much more.

          • someone says:

            With that said, I guess we should be grateful that we at least get to see characters like this, even if they’re changed. I appreciate that Ellery is still trying to please everyone and give each character attention.

        • Hinamori says:

          I think it’s bullshit that he took another break. All that’s going to do is screw up the anime. it’s bad enough that he doesn’t put much into each chapter. (seriously for example lasy year with the Decide chapters which were like 26-28 there has only been a few significant things that happened back then)

          but with christmas break and now this break all that’s going to do is make the anime catch up to the manga even faster and cause another filler arc.
          I love Bleach and all, but Kubo is my least favorite mangaka

          • Sterling says:

            I’m pretty sure Kubo is freaking out because he doesn’t know where to take the story.

            I mean, he did have the same virtually non-existant plot thread for a couple hundred chapters… and now he needs to generate new content. Uh-oh.

            But there’s so much potential there that Bleach can become good once more if he takes the time to think things through – I know precisely how I’d finish up the story.

        • Hinamori says:

          Probably. But still, you would think that he would have thought about what to do next back when he had like 2-3 weeks off during christmas time instead of releasing one short chapter (that not much really happened in) and then telling people to wait another 3 weeks

          • Yummy says:

            Whoa… after reading all these comments, 2012 has gotten kinda off for some reason. Not actual literally, but some creator got their ideas for the plot at first until later they’re out. It’s like they put all their efforts into it then later that, all these ideas you come up with are out.

  14. Erotixxx says:

    Excellent, You make a hot time skip version of Yachiru, goog job.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Excellent, You make a hot time skip version of Yachiru, goog job.

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