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Creamed-Hole: Yachiru

Posted on: August 3rd, 2012 by Admin 26 Comments

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  1. Anonymous says:

    i noticed that from all anime ichigo didn’t fucked onle Cirucci Sanderwicci, Kukkaku Shiba, Mila Rose, Apacci,Lillynete, Chizuru and new girl from kvinci arc(also baunto, some zanpactos and girls from movies), Ellery can you fill this space?

  2. yingyang lover says:

    u should make yin n yang havin strapon sex tht would b sweet

  3. The Lazy Genius says:

    Pedobear new hairstyle?

    I would love to see more Rangiku,Riruka and Nozomi in the future,
    But first things first you need to atend to your health as well.

  4. fuziion says:

    This pic is Very hot another great job Ellery!

  5. ??? says:

    Where’d my comment go?

  6. ??? says:

    at first i thought someone just licking her but then i realized that it was just a shadow.
    Yeah, im not smart

  7. xgkf says:

    Same as GodOfPeace, sort of…

    Never been fond of “adult” Yachiru, and the “normal” Yachiru is too young-looking – even for someone who likes loli, to an extent – to really like seeing her in hentai. Nice work as usual, but it’s a ‘meh’ from me due to the fact that it’s Yachiru. I love Yachiru, just not in hentai.

  8. Hinamori says:

    I know i’m not a member so I’m not going to try requesting this, i just want to share my idea

    it would be interesting to have a crossover with Creamie boobs and creamed holes, and it could use the arrancar twins Yin and Yang (i don’t think we seen any of them having actual sex yet) on the left side the blue haired one could be sitting up with cum all over her breasts, while the red haired one could by leaning back with cum inside her holes

  9. GodOfPeace says:

    Oh, nice one, though personally I never was too fond of “adult” Yachiru.

  10. hei says:

    Great pic :D

  11. Fordge says:

    The Creamie Boobs serie was canceled?

    • Hinamori says:

      you must be new here. Ellery replaced it with Creamed-holes a long time ago

      • Fordge says:

        I didn’t know…But there are still some girls who were forgotten by Elery ,like Yang,Ururu,Mila Rose,Apacci,Cirucci,Jackie and more + there aren’t any recent blowjob pics

      • jacketguy says:

        Long time go ? The most recent Creamy Boobs pic was of Rangiku on July 13th.

        • Fordge says:

          I said that there is no recent blowjob pic not Creamie Boobs

          • Z says:

            Da wha? If you are the same Fordge guy from the first comment then ask yourself about what you’re asking.

          • Skiel says:

            Some Creamy Boobs, Ellery draw some in a fellatio (blow job) instead of boob job. Only few girls has that. I’m not sure why

          • jacketguy says:

            I was refering to your first post ” The Creamie Boobs serie was canceled?” and Hinamori’s post stating ” you must be new here. Ellery replaced it with Creamed-holes a long time ago”.

  12. Pete says:

    Nice pic. I wonder who the shadow is. Kenpachi? Ichigo?

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