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“Orihime’s Secret Hook-ups”

Posted on: June 20th, 2012 by Admin 320 Comments

Requested by Hitsuguy


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  1. Bob says:

    Wanna see her getting fucked in Zettai Ryouiki. Someone do a pic of her getting fucked in white stockings please.

  2. Joe says:

    Goddammit, I just want to see her in her school uniform with white stockings!!

  3. greatwhite says:

    maybe ellery got pregnant and its almost time for her child’s birth

  4. The Dragon says:

    @ the real men i like what you said in Spanish. Lol

  5. the real men says:

    Ey motherfuckers
    Shut up now!!
    Ellery is taking a vacation
    pendejos estupidos no saven español me dan risa gringos de mierda

  6. SHINJI says:

    Hey guys I was just fucking with you who ever believed me is fucking stupid Atte:SHINJI

  7. 300 says:

    when i fell asleep we were at 294, when i woke up we broke 300….YA!!!!!

  8. fdjsaiodjiofa says:

    fuck elery i hope that bitch is dead forever. stupid cunt drew hentai, maybe she’s actually doing something to contribute to society, instead of wasting her time making shitty as pics for 11 year old foreign kids to jack it to. faggots.

    • Hinamori says:

      wow dude. you are biggest piece of shit i have ever seen. on the pixxx sites anyway
      seriously you are so fucking stupid. just cause some woman probably has a good reason to be away and not draw pics you talk shit about her? how about you get a fucking life instead of being one of those 11 year olds jerking off.
      seriously, i hope you get shot in the fucking head

  9. waffle_lover says:

    no way tht can be rex. the spelling/texting was way off to be him. sounds like a 10 year old imo.

  10. Awesomesauce says:

    Yay 300 :D

  11. Rex says:

    Hi guys ellery tell me about
    she have some problems in her home
    the new artist is SHINJI
    its a great artist

    Atte: Rex

    • hellyeah says:

      How do we know you’re the real Rex or if that dude Shinji is legit. anyone can just put a name in and comment.

      • (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻ says:

        The real one usually types his name in lowercase letters, so that guy can’t be the real “rex”.

    • Justicehammer says:

      Shinji my ass , last time i checked Rex’s english was better gtfo troll.

  12. SHINJI says:

    Hey guys ellery have some problems
    please be patient

    New post: july 29

  13. johny says:

    she died yesterday

  14. Where's Ellery ? says:

    I wonder what’s going on with Ellery’s life ? It’s been 2 and a half weeks since she posted her and we have yet to even here a newsletter or update from her. This makes me feel highly uneasy about the artist herself and the future of this site. The fact Hentai Key has yet to bring any updates or confirm the status of Ellery troubles me alot . However what bothers me is that morons write stupid troll comments like ” Ellery is dead ” . While i agree that Ellery is being unprofessional not letting her commissioners know of her status, it doesn’t excuse the ugly comments that i have to keep reading everytime i come here in the hope to see whether Ellery or Hentai Key have wrote anything in response to this uncharitable absence. This is for the administrators of Hentai Key, if you finish reading this, please give us an update on the condition of one of the most popular artist on your website. I do hope that Ellery does return and recovers from whatever is affecting her wheter it’s illness or family problems and we don’t have to go through another long period of absence like this again

  15. Anonymous says:

    Is all the content was originally from you?

    A. Of course! But not everything though. I usally do get imputs from the Followers (Bleach fan) of this site.

    SHINJI, I don’t believe you.

  16. bleach99 says:

    a lot of my friends have HK accounts n they r now thinking of cancelling them due to the recent events or rather the lack of them
    n of course HK EXCELLENT service even i was thinking of getting a account bt no use now

    • bleach99 says:

      cmon REX plz give us any update abt ellery?
      anything would be fine

      • hellyeah says:

        why do people think Rex would know about Ellery? people are apparently under the impression that all the pixxx artists work in an office in some building. no, they work from home. so Rex is probably thousands of miles away from Ellery for all we know

  17. ((((•)))) ((((•)))) says:

    Were are you Ellery ? ;^[

  18. Nate says:

    I love bleachpixxx

  19. ??? says:

    i feel for the ones that pay,y’know

  20. Anonymous says:

    SHINJI, When will be new pictures?

  21. Hinamori says:

    dude’s probably a fake. if he was real then he would have posted an announcement saying so

  22. SHINJI says:

    yeah im the new bleachpixxx artist so please
    Forgive ellery
    She have problems

    • Nick says:

      Really? so tell us what happen with Ellery? and if you are the new artist, When you will post uodates?

      • just member says:

        He is a new bleachpixxx artist as i’m a queen of great britain, just another smartass troll without life. someone persone long time ago was said about hentaikey going to bankrupt and seems he was right.
        Probably Ellery truly found something more interesting and more profitable in financial terms, and just said goodbye bleachpixxx and hentaikey. But hentaikey is have not enough money to find new artist and have not a courage to say truth. Be honest Ellery was a one the best if not best artist, her skills is amazing and she very good had worked with requests, while rex who also has a amazing skills but he the worst working with requests and daily updates, that’s the reason of all these bitching and trolling what he got lately especially from the costumers, Claudius skills also by far is not perfect like and his daily update, and Robert he’s really try to do the best but his unfortunately he got the most not interesting pixxx project at all.
        So; I’m sure the loss of this excellent artist as Ellery only provoke the loss of interest many members to hentaikey, and this must mean only one more problems with money for hentaikey, then, the silence is the best solution in this situation for hentaikey

        • hellyeah says:

          I just want to say something. It seems like most people think the pixxx sites are the only thing hentaikey has. Ellery was a great artist but losing her wouldnt be a big loss of interest in hentaikey. Maybe the pixxx sites. Hentaikey owns over a dozen other sites

          • just member says:

            Though Hentaikey owns over a dozen other sites but alot from them are working with not original stuff, like japanese hentai movies games and manga but all this able to find and on others sites too and mostly free. Some sites already very long time haven’t any new updates. After all, the pixxx sites is one of most famous project of hentaikey, didn’t they?
            So I sure what the loss the such qualified awesome artist as Ellery what does the original high quality images for hentaikey definetly not will be brings many new members here anyway, and also at least a few members also are abort their accounts after such loss.

  23. Glob says:


  24. SHINJI says:

    Hi guys im the new artist of bleachpixxx
    take it easy
    please atte:SHINJI

  25. otakugene says:

    I’ve got a legitimate question, one I know is shared with most people who come to this website, and feel I must ask it: “Whats going on?” I don’t want to sound rude or ungrateful but we should at least have been some kind of update as to whats going on. Two and a half weeks of absolutely nothing just isn’t right. I mean a single message (promising updates no less) and then one pic the very same day then not even a single letter or anything is highly uncool. I know Ellery you have a lot to do but you really shouldn’t do that. At least give us another message about whats going on so we’ll know what expect. Anyway if you aren’t doing well I hope you get better.

  26. carie says:

    We lost another good page…

  27. naruto says:

    news pics please !!!!!!

  28. hinamori says:

    So there wont be more posted pics ? I’m confused :(

  29. Zidan says:

    I’m a racist turtle. Eat me.

  30. Naruto and bleach says:

    If you guys want check out and search naruto or bleach on there the have a lot of pics on there

  31. Nate says:

    Honestly, I’m getting a bit worried about the poor thing. First she posts that she’s really ill, then just drops out after one update? Updates and porn aside, I just hope she’s okay, you know?

    Hope that you are okay or soon will be! We’re thinking of you! (thinking of you as a PERSON, not as a porn art machine)

  32. giggitygoo says:

    oh noes i hope ellery is o.k. this is one hell of an absence from her.

  33. L says:

    “Houston, we have lost Ellery !”

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