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“You are nothing without Yoruichi-san, Soifon”

Posted on: April 27th, 2012 by Admin 25 Comments

Requested by Zelos

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25 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    побольше бы с сой фонг

  2. Mr T says:

    Excellent as always Ellery. personally i prefer soi fon with smaller boobs but thats just me. tits for the win!

  3. Hime-san says:

    Oh Ichigo a vraiment une grosse queue <3

  4. Zacra says:

    Bigger tits than usual? Yeah, I see that. But it’s still amazingly drawn and hot as hell.

  5. Anonymous says:

    renji and soifong!! please!

  6. Dude94 says:

    oh wait, my bad, his name is Yukio. Shino and Yukio will be nice ^^

  7. Dude94 says:

    oh you know what will be nice? Shino and Yuki. You havnt done them yet, right?

  8. xgkf says:

    Boobs are too big. :(

    I know you have to draw some things a certain way for legal reasons (especially the younger characters), but that doesn’t mean you have to oversize the characters chests all the time (or by so much). If they’re big because the requester wanted them that way, then that’s fine. Gotta do what the requester asks as best you can if you’re gonna take requests. Just generally speaking, big boobs aren’t the only attractive kind, and sometimes smaller boobs are even preferred. Overall, though, maintaining as much accuracy to the character being drawn is what’s most important, in my opinion. :)

    Anyway, all that said, very nice work as usual, Ellery. You’re awesome. (b”)b

  9. Dude94 says:

    Ichigo x Rukia please…

    • Hinamori says:

      I don’t see why people have such a fucking problem with Ichigo and Rukia doing it.

      • DeusX999 says:

        I agree. I’m not a fan of IchiRuki, but if it is a beautiful picture, then why not.
        Just as I do not understand the opponents of change. Give them a pairing that’s all. Itself does not get tired of seeing some characters?

      • Guy94 says:

        well, that cuz ichihime fans dont want it. although Kubo ship IchiRuki, and proved ichihime to be one sided love like million time.
        True’s a bitch

  10. DeusX999 says:

    Good art, that’s just too big breasts. In Suì-Fēng size 1 – 2 max. With small breasts girls are very sexy, so why give each the size of Unohana?
    And then, not too much is Ichigo? There are many other guys in Bleach. And for a long time Suì-Fēng Ōmaeda missed. ;)

  11. Someone says:

    This artist is the worst, no creativity and only make requests from especific members, example: Zelos, Ichihime, Beck. All this guys have 2 or more requests in 2012 while there are other members waiting since 2011. And never say something about it. Hey Ellery! respect us.

    • Blade says:

      Ellery is the worst c’mon man, on the animepixxx everything is even worse. Claudius also mostly make requests from especific members, example: Zelos, xxxlover, Fazz, Mirabo, but he’s also do very many own ideas but present it as requests from non existing members, and me funny hear what on the Narutopixxx’s suggestions box is the not effective and almost useless when Claudius make the least requests

    • Arrankar says:

      Completely agree with you Do you haven’t any chances to see your request if you aren’t Beck or Ichihime
      By the way Ellery your suggestion box again is broken

  12. Sasuke says:

    This pic for me is perfect!
    More Ichigo x Soi Fong would be nice
    and don’t forget Unohana too :D

  13. Sasuke says:

    For me this pic is perfect!
    More Ichigo x Soi Fong would be nice
    and don’t forget Unohana :D

  14. woo hoo another pic with Soi Fon ( nice tites ) lolz

  15. G6 says:

    so besides a new hair do soi fong also got implants :D

  16. GodOfPeace says:

    Woooooow, her tits are wayyyyyyy too big indeed.:) It’s completely OK to make them a bit bigger than they originally should be, but I think you overdid it a little bit.:] But nevermind, looks great nonetheless (by every means:P).

  17. Crasywow says:

    Exellent i love soi fon

  18. Zelos says:

    Thanks Ellery! Love It!

  19. Byakuya says:

    Wow! Are her Tits bigger?!
    Great Job!

  20. Hinamori says:

    Are people losing originality or something? you already made a pic basically the same as this. between this pic and the Aizen ones, there’s not much creativity lately

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