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We can be your Valentine

Posted on: February 14th, 2012 by Admin 38 Comments

Happy Hearts' day, guys :)

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  1. ultimos says:

    i will be your valentine whenever you want. (to rukia and orihime.):)

  2. Hinamori says:

    Hell, if Tite Kubo and that Naruto guy wanted to make some serious money and gain a lot more fans then they should co-produce a mini-crossover series. Hell, I know on fanfiction there are thousands of Bleach/Naruto crossover stories. I know when it comes to american comic book series they have crossovers all the time. It would be cool if for once an anime or manga did a crossover

    • Kissuke~san says:

      That would be cool but kinda unfeesible with Bleach and Naruto, considering both mangas live within thier own worlds. Much so if it were like Full Metal Alchemist crossing over into Code Geass or something. lol

      now Maybe Bleach and Death Note? that would be a EPIC awesome Crossover. Similar setting, universe, and storyline with the supernatural, ofcourse they both have SHINIGAMI!! lol.

      As for Naruto? well… One Piece or maybe Fairy Tale can crossover, but then that would be like a whole new kind of Anime, i dun watch niether One Piece or FairyTale so I dun know wtf goes on in both of thier worlds.

      DBZ and OnePiece would work, but then again it would be really whacky…

      Btw Hinamori, did ya get a look at “Ivan” lol

    • JulCan1987 says:

      They did do a crossover, Dragon Ball Z and One Piece.

  3. Valentine ? says:

    Valentine ?
    Forever alone…

  4. Kissuke~san says:

    Who would like to take a guess that, “the new enemy” of the “Thousand Year Blood War” arc

    A: The Quincys? *very, highly possible*

    B: The Bounts? *meh, probably not but maybe.. it be cool though…*

    C: Vasto Lorde Arrancars?

    *Laughes, like hell, but that would cool too considering how we never really seen one let alone Tite Kubo introducing/emphasising any VastoLordes, especially how he epicly failed by making it a major plot of after having Toushiro Hitsuguya explaining the heirarchy of Arrancars since the begining of the whole Arrancar Saga*

    D: Fullbringers? “Hell no!! we just had a freaking arc with them but maybe they will play some supporting role?”

    or E: “I really dont give a crap, i just want Bleach to End, Tite Kubotard must just die please”

    answers and opinions are appreciated.
    and Happy Hearts Day!!! :D

    • Hinamori says:

      A: No, in my opinion quincies are weak pussies.
      B: No, everyone I know hated the bounts, they’re all dead now anyway.
      C: Vasto Lordes were already shown, they’re not stronger than arrancars, they’re just a higher level of the menos. Besides in the anime they showed that Halibel was a Vasto Lorde, but that didn’t make her stronger than other characters.

      • Kissuke~san says:

        Oh i see what you mean that, filler background~story episode with Haribel, i see now..

        ok Grimmjow was definitively a strong Adjuchas, becus of his “original non~humanoid form” and he was smaller and stronger than his fracion homies.

        Ulquiorra… well gosh, definitely a Vasto Lorde, no doubt about that.

        what really sucked about the whole Menos plot ploy was how Tite made each of the Espada either “weak” as hell like Zommari (7th rank), overpowered like Ulquiorra (for being a 4th rank), “cheap” as hell like Azayel Aporro (for someone as 8th rank), and ridiculously overpowered Yami from being 10 to 0, (now when Yami become 0 espada, that really trashed the whole levels of Menos plot, and it was almost like Tite Kubo just randomly decided to make Yami the top Espada *facepalms*) and as for the “original top 3 Espadas”, they were strong, Vasto Lorde level, and fought up to par with the captains but for some reason their battles (with exception to Barragan) was a bit of a let down…??? But maybe thats just me.

        and WonderWeiss was just isane… but awesome. I guess 0_o?

        oh by the way didnt Hitsugaya said that a Vasto Lord Menos would be stronger than a Captian? or was that just typical ploy to hype up the Arrancar saga. lol

        • Kissuke~san says:

          okay, maybe im thinking way too deep on this… lol, sorry but felt good after letting all that crap out. so who cares right?

          well only thing i can add to all my BS is that I hope the “final arc” lasts a good 3 more years and i hope Tite Kubo doesnt disappoint, and will end Bleach with a BIG BANG!!. :)

        • Hinamori says:

          The thing about the espada, I agree that Zommari was weak as hell, and you say that Ulquiorra was overpowered for a fourth rank, but you forget that nobody, not even Aizen knew that Ulquiorra had a second ressurrecion. and the thing about a Vasto Lordes being stronger than a captain was basically their way of making things seem hyped up. In my opinion Tite Kubo shat all over the top 3 espadas. Barragan’s fight in the manga was ok, but in the manga it was like he purposely and easily had Starrk killed off. atleast in the anime they show more with Starrk and make it seem like he had a fair chance instead of being killed off easily by Kubo. I still think Kubo shat all over Halibel with her death.

          And it is bullshit that Yammy is apparently stronger than everyone else “out of nowhere” and has Yammy calling the other espada pieces of shit, even Ulquiorra.

          • Anonymous says:

            lol yea youre definitely right on that. it just seems like Tite Kubo, has his way of “picking and choosing favorites”, like which battles will be more EPIC than others, which battles will be more “filler content” than others.

            You see what i mean by that? Tite Kubo has been quite inconsistent with his way of “character development” strategy. I think that’s what i just dont like about Bleach, overall I love it, almost to a point as a religon, but for that reason i guess me and many others alike, “we just expect too much from a great thing”

            like McDonalds, we expect everytime we eat there to taste like its the freaking best fast food in the world, but really its just good old plain McDonalds. :)

            and on a final note, yea it does seem like we get an idea of what goes on in the mind of Tite Kubo as he concluded the remaining Top 3 or “Top 4″ espada fights. Didnt he say in an interview somewhere that he wanted to quickly end the Arrancar Saga, because he dragged it on so long? So i guess in layman terms,

            “He winged it” lol, but meh oh well.

            There will be good moments and really shitty moments like Haribel getting killed off, even though in the character books she and her fraccion are okay. (Somehow I think the Haribels fan really trashed the hell out of Tite Kubo with a mass of hate/death threat mails, and so he had to produce some PR book to bring back Haribel from the dead LMAO XD!!!), but thats just me…

          • Anonymous says:

            Oh IMO, i think if both minds of Tite Kubo and Kishimoto (Naruto) were melded into one, I think Bleach and Naruto would be over 9000 times better than they are now.

            Look at it this way,
            Bleach’s storyline has many plot holes, unlike Naruto’s epic and dramatic storyline,
            Bleach’s character development is poorly rushed, and weaker than Naruto’s.

            Only problem with Naruto is TOO MANY FREAKING ONE EPISODE RANDOM FILLERS!!! OMG *goes apeshit crazy and rippings chunks and chunks of hair out*

            Now unlike Bleach, yea sure we get a small handful of “RandomRandom Story of the Week filler episodes” but at least, and at most the filler arcs have a decent storyline and consistency, and unlike Naruto anime, its like every other ARC cannon season we get a ridiculous 25 filler episode season, OMG it drives me crazy just thinking about it LOL.

            k anyway thanks for the chat.

    • otakugene says:

      F: For fail, because if you take the time to read the whole manga it becomes evident that Kubo is desperately grabbing at straws plot wise to keep Bleach afloat even with this last arc; having said that, it’ll unfortunately probably be none of those groups since Kubo will probably give us another lame attempt at coming up with another worthless ‘Big Baddy’. But yeah I hate having to say this but Bleach has definitely gone down the drain the last couple of arcs which is sad considering how awesome it started out as…..*tear falls* but I digress.

      Even so I love this pic.

      • otakugene says:

        Btw the “F” went to the manga Kissuke-san it wasn’t against your comment.

      • Kissuke~san says:

        yea you definitely hit the nail on the head otakugene, couldnt have said it better myself.

        but thats the fun of following the “unknown” right?

        whats the saying? “Hope for the best, prepare for the worst” much?

    • Kissuke~san says:

      Yo much respect homies, much appreciated with the input :)

      “thought of the day: “Who da phuck is Ivan A…..!?” o_O??

      and another oh, looks like my answer C: is starting to become true?! ZOMG!! WTF!? O_O!!

      and YAY Hiyori~chan is Daijoubu!!! XD

  5. Hinamori says:

    It was kind of cute earlier today when my daughter gave me a small box of chocolates after I gave her a big box

  6. WakeUpKiva says:

    They look extremely stunning! Happy Valentine day to everyone!

    Was Orihime’s boobs always like that?

  7. xxxLover says:

    Amazing pic, Both girls look cute, very detailed background. Good job Ellery.

  8. HentaiKey says:

    Happy valentiens to all, ellery you should have not used the watermark but just added , Happy Valentines form Bleachpixxx, the watermark kind of ruins the image.

  9. azumi says:

    i wish ichigo inside there, wish rukia and orihime kiss ichigo’s cheeks

  10. Kissuke~san says:

    Oh lovely!! How apporiate since today’s episode we get to see RUKIA AGAIN!!! YAY!! X3

  11. Noname Johdai says:

    @otakugene, you should change your alias, and stfu and stop messing with the idiot troll.

  12. otakugene says:

    OUTSTANDING ELLERY! You should consider making your own doujin.

  13. Zelos says:

    Oh My God!! This is BEAUTIFUL! Fuckin Excellent! Love It, Ellery!

  14. Kurosaki15 says:

    I want Ellery to be my valentine T_T

  15. pesho says:

    fappy valentine

  16. GodOfPeace says:

    Omg, this is beautiful.:D Thanks for it!

  17. Hinamori says:

    Who should be my valentine… Rukia or Orihime?

  18. erza says:

    If ichigo in the center, stand with them and hold their breasts. It will be better

  19. Phillipe Madique says:

    Good job Ellery, really love your work and can’t wait to see more of it!

  20. Roger says:

    such a cute pic! ^^ great work Ellery!

  21. private says:

    OH MY GOD !!!!!!
    This so dammit fucking awesome!!!
    Excellent art for Valentine’s Day, Bravo Ellery, Bravissimo

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