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halibe milarose sunsun apache
Posted on: December 4th, 2010 by Admin 23 Comments
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title given by Brock

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23 Responses

  1. broken says:


  2. Anonymous says:

    can’t view large version of pic.

  3. Simpleton says:

    For the title, I choose; “Halibel hentai”.

  4. dragmaster says:

    cool pic. try the name (trainin of the fracciion)

  5. dragmaster says:

    call the pic training of the fraccion

  6. Tobiume Fan says:

    lol another tie between sode and someone else. never been a fan of sode so ill vote for suzmebachi. this is a good pic too, and i think “Halibel’s Teaching” (by Brock) is a good title for it.

  7. Kenpachi says:

    hot pic, suzumebachi for bleachgirl of the week

  8. Zzzz says:

    I like “Everything for Halibel-sama”, and I vote for Sode for BGotW

  9. Starrk says:

    I agree with everyone else, great pic. I guess ill vote suzumebachi for this week.

  10. Barragan says:

    I vote for Suzumebachi.

  11. kal says:

    This image is very impressive You’re getting better every day Robert.

    I also vote for sode
    and the title I proposed (Everything for Halibel-sama)

  12. Suzushi says:

    I vote for Sode.

  13. slyd says:

    I vote sode no shirayuki or suzumebachi or zabimaru for bgotw

  14. sendo says:

    Awesome one. i vote for the titles suggested by Rrr, Brock, or sergej. u should do my Halibel group pic of mine soon too. I vote for Suzumebachi, Sode, or Zabimaru for this week. o, and if u could do my idea of “The Panther’s RAPE-age”, that’d be awesome. Again, Great job on this one.

  15. sergej says:

    BGotW: Suzumebachi

  16. Zumen says:

    Hot as always, Especially Sun-Sun =P.

    As for BGotW, Hm, I dunno, I’ll just go with Sode no Shirayuki :P .

    And if ya still do non-member requests, then I just wanna remind ya od my little ideas that include Matsuri from the 3rd Phantom Bleach game, if not, then ignore this part of the comment :P .

  17. robert says:

    yeah please do vote for our next bleachgirl of the week.tnx

  18. sergej says:

    Wonderful picture, I agree with Barragan.

    Title: “Everything for Halibel-sama” (title of my old request” or “Halibel’s Teaching”, as proposed by Brock.

    Is it time to vote for BGotW?

  19. Brock says:

    Halibel’s teaching

  20. Rrr says:

    Great pic! Call it “The role of a Fraccion”

  21. slyd says:

    Very very goood job roberts I love it :D
    And for The title I choose “The third fraccion pleasure”

  22. Barragan says:

    Another amazing pic, these girls are always hot, especially in a lesbian pic, great job.

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