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“Too much for us”

Posted on: October 6th, 2010 by Admin 12 Comments

requested by sergej

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  1. Me says:

    Wtf does he have to dicks? Awesome pic!

  2. Evan says:

    Lol I posted in 2012.

  3. Santa says:

    hey awsome pic i love it!!!!!!!!!!and i have a suggestion make one where Ichigo is fucking Senna best doggy style in Ichigo’s room and call it “Fucking Great Sleepover”

  4. XXXHENTAI says:

    Ouch,looks liek it would hurt,but they seem to like it instead.:)

    Could you do my suggestion for Ikkaku and renji getting handjobs from Matsumoto wearing a schoolgirl outfit,and having her boobs out,and being wet? And call it,”Human Activities?”
    Also maybe a picture of Kira and Hisagi double penetrating Haineko?If you could,that would be great

  5. sendo says:

    he has 2 hk… they r just really close together.

  6. hk says:

    Looks like scene from Himekishi Lilia, though the beast in that hentai had 2 penises and this one.. Yeah.. Now i’m wondering where he put his thing – between them or just into one of em.

  7. sergej says:

    Very nice… thank you so much :D

  8. Barragan says:

    This pic makes me lol in a good way. Its hot watching them getting penetrated by that “thing”, but i cant help but wonder something. Where the hell does that thing fit lol? I guess im better off not knowing. Good picture.

    Also, i support Sendo’s Lurichiyo x Hanzo idea (along with the Halibel Group idea). Haven’t seen Lurichiyo in a while.
    And i support That Guy’s Nanao x Lisa yuri idea.

  9. Queenoichi says:

    Wow this image is actually nice great work robert

  10. sendo says:

    Wow… just, wow… nice pic. Plz do my Halibel group or LurichiyoxHanzo idea soon.

  11. giggity says:

    lol looks halariouse

  12. That Guy says:

    Very interesting, they seem to be enjoying it. Nice work Robert

    I recommend doing Matsumoto getting double penetrated by Gin and Hitsugaya and call it “Prodigy Collector” or a Nanao x Lisa yuri called “Reunion”

    Great work as always Robert can’t wait to see what you do next

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