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“After Mission”

Posted on: October 6th, 2010 by Admin 14 Comments

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  1. Santa says:

    hey awsome pic i love it!!!!!!!!!!and i have a suggestion make one where Ichigo is fucking Senna best doggy style in Ichigo’s room and call it “Fucking Great Sleepover”

  2. ichigo says:

    I agree with kal. Why don’t you do his requests Robert.

  3. kal says:

    Here are my suggestions

    Darkrukia and Ichijo and call (remember) or (remember me).

    Sode No Shirayuki and Zangestu and call it (black and white).

  4. SweetBlow says:

    Wow great ass she got there, fine art.

    So I thought about a suggestion and I came up with two suggestions :P
    Here the one that already got a title:

    “Take your choice, Ichigo!”

    Inoue and Rukia on Ichigo’s bed
    Details: Rukia on top, licking Inoue’s boob or neck (according to their difference in size) and enjoying the situation.
    Inoue is blushing and tries to hide her face behind her hand but isn’t really successful with it.
    Thx and I hope you like it.

  5. sendo says:

    It looks ok, renji is lucky in this. Plz do my Halibel group or LurichiyoxHanzo ideas soon, most wanted: Halibel group.
    I just made a discovery too:
    How come all the hot chicks in bleach r either orange haired, dark skinned, or really small? example: Matsumoto, Orihime, Yuroichi, Mila Rose, Halibel, Momo, Soi Fong, Lurichiyo, Apache, Sun Sun, Loly, and Rukia.

  6. aizenrules says:

    i was alos thin does nayone ver want any of masaki kurosaki and amybe ryuken or urahara with her?

  7. aizenrules says:

    robert could u please make one of shinji fuking unohana with bandages on his head based on the recent manga chapter and title it “helping an ally” or ichigo with his new look fuking orihime with heuco mundo outfit ripped and title it “reunited at last” or aizen in his butterfly mode fuking a fully nuide yoruichi and title it ” revenge against urahara”. if u could do any one of those that will be great :) thanks in advance.

  8. XXXHENTAI says:

    Lol,I love Rukia and Matsumoto’s expressions.Great job on this one :)

    Could you do my suggestion for Ikkaku and renji getting handjobs from Matsumoto wearing a schoolgirl outfit,and having her boobs out,and being wet? And call it,”Human Activities?”
    Also maybe a picture of Kira and Hisagi double penetrating Haineko?If you could,that would be great

  9. Barragan says:

    Amazing view of Rukia! Her ass and pussy are so well drawn and hot, and her facial expression makes her look cute and sexy as always. Great job.

    Also, i support Queenoichi’s Orihime x Chizuru 69 idea.

  10. Queenoichi says:

    This is also a good picture can you do my idea chizuru and orihime in a 69 position and title:your finally mind

  11. kal says:

    I love this picture Rukia and Matsumoto are so hot good job as always Robert

  12. Dragon says:

    Renji is one lucky bastard! Rukia’s pussy looks nice! Great pic Robert!:)

    Here is a new suggestion:

    Halibel in her resurection form with big breasts giving a titfuck to Starrk and the title of the pic would be ‘ Not lonely anymore’.

  13. Rrr says:

    Great pic Rukias body is flawless, not to mention the great view of her ass and rangiku looks hot too

    Hope you can do my suggetion soon of Menoly and Ilforte.
    And I have a second request of the older Katen Kyokotsu and Shunsui fucking under the cherry blossom tree and have it any position you want and call it “Love between master and zampakto”
    Tanx and keep the good work up!

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