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  1. hollow porn says:

    make one of haniko licking rangukus pussy and call it “love thy master”

  2. giggity says:

    holy crap fuckin awesome soifon pic. how about nell for next weeks bleach girl

  3. Robert Mom says:

    I vote for halibel for next bleach girl of the week

  4. shadow says:

    HOLY CRAP. soi fon looks so sexy in that pic. nice. anyway i vote rangiku for next week

  5. Ty says:

    Great pic Nell next girl

  6. xperm says:

    draw a lisa yodamaru giving deepthroat while nanao looking and call it “lieutenant trainig”

  7. orihimeefucks says:

    please man a 69 with orihime and rukia

  8. Hollyguto says:

    Dear lord, she’s absolutely perfect, Robert you got it this time *.*

  9. monster says:

    For next week, I vote for Rangiku.

  10. john says:

    halibel or rangiku for babe of the week

  11. dokueki_kun says:

    Nice pic. Super crazy sexy. Next week I vote for Rangiku.

  12. YoruichiIsHot says:

    First i want to say good job. Second, i really beg you to make Yoruichi and Orihime in 69. Call it “Play between cuties” Third i vote for Matsumoto for next babe. Thanks :)

  13. Dragon says:

    Now that’s one sexy pic from Soifon! What I like the most on the pic is the nice wide hip she have! You did a great pic again Robert!;)

    I vote for HALIBEL to be next week’s Bleach girl!

  14. Captain Sensei says:

    Soi fong makes tough and sexy look good together. praise to u on dis pic robert. i choose Hyori to be next babe of the week.

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