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Posted on: July 29th, 2010 by Admin 24 Comments
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Yoruichi Shihoin

this dark skinned woman is definetely one of the hottest babe in bleach...a surely gorgeous lady but still kickass :)

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Yoruichi Shihōin I just viewed the voting results recently and i noticed the score reigns glory to Yoruichi Shihoin....
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24 Responses

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  2. Shinigami says:

    Hello. Someone would not be able to say that I can download these pics large sizes. Or, you could not send a few?

  3. Jakuho Raikoben says:

    My vote’s for Soifon.

  4. Ty says:

    Dude nice pic make soifon the next bleachgirl
    oh and make a pic of ichigo,orihehme,and rukia have rukia getting fucked by ichigo oriheme getting her pussy liked by rukia and kissing ichigo call it love triangle

  5. moro says:


    Anyway, how about the arranca twins from Diamond Dust Rebellion? Their names were Yin and Yang( or Ying and Yang, not quite sure…) and they…are…HOT!

    How about threesome: girls would be on Hitsugaya, who would lick Ying’s ass or pussy and fuck Yang in pussy and girls would have big wetty kiss… How that sounds?

  6. GuiFan says:

    Seriously, Yoruichi is my favorite Bleach Babe :D . Please, make more pics of her!

  7. monster says:

    My vote is for Rangiku.

  8. That Guy says:

    Damn fine work Robert, Damn fine; Yoruichi is one hot piece of ass.

    For next week I vote for Rangiku Matsumoto

    I’d also like to see a threesome pic of Orihime getting double teamed by Hitsugaya (preferably in back) and Matsumoto wearing a strap on (in front) and call it “Roommates” if you’re interested

    Excellent work as always Robert I salute you

  9. Dokueki says:

    Thanks for another great pic. Each week it makes it harder for me to pic a new Bleach babe. I don’t know many Bleachbabed but for next week I vote for Rangiku.

  10. tom says:

    hi Robert I have an idea why don’t you do one girl for a week and let people vote which girl it should be. it’s just an idea reply back with thought??

  11. tom says:

    I vote soi fon too !!!

  12. YoruichiIsHot says:

    I vote Soi Fon for the next BLEACHGIRL OF THE WEEK

  13. Bleachxxx says:

    For the next Bleach girl do Tia Harribel please

  14. ichibigo says:

    i vote for rangiku 4 next week pls make a rangiku and ichigo boobjob name it playful habit and pls make an ichigo and shiba kukaku name it fire the works

  15. Dragon says:

    I forgot: I vote for Matsumoto to be next weeks bleach girl.

  16. Dragon says:

    The dark skin you gave her is damn tasty Robert! You did one amazing pic with Yoruichi!:)

  17. Captain Sensei says:

    Yeah shes one of the hottest bleach babes ever and i loue how those tits were drawn. great job on this pic. i vote Rangiku as the next hottest babe of the week.

  18. lazybots says:

    Yes! Freaking awesome pic!

  19. giggity says:

    fuckin awesome yoruichi pic. mashiro for next week

  20. Hollyguto says:

    Man, That’s the best Yoruichi draw I’ve ever seen *.*

  21. shadow says:

    YES thank you robert. yoruichi looks SEXY. also soi fon should be the next bleach girl of the week

  22. Kenpachi says:

    Mashiro for next weeks bleach babe of the week and nice job Yoruichi is fucking sexy I would love to fuck her

  23. YoruichiIsHot says:

    Ahh i forgot. Thanks that you chose Yoruichi for the babe of the week :) Thanks a lot.

  24. YoruichiIsHot says:

    You are wrong! She is the hottest babe :) hehe.
    Please make Yoruichi fucked by Ichigo doggy style. And make the angel like this but a bit lower. If you put some cum it will be great :) heh. Thanks anyway.

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