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slowly but surely

Posted on: May 18th, 2010 by Admin 22 Comments

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    This the best article I have never seen before….

  2. ywfmthv says:

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  3. Zaraki says:

    Exactly my thoughts Stark. I prefer “girlish” girls, but Tatsuki is sexy and cute in her toughness.

    I really like when you draw her :)

    I’d love to see Tatsuki in some action with Yoruichi, but I’ll post some specific request when I come up with something cool (expect it to be quite soon ;)

  4. Captain Sensei says:

    A slow fuck on Arisawa nice one robert. please make my suggestion-Toshiro getting a blowjob from Haineko with a jealous Rangiku in the backround and call it ?Captains New Sex Kitten?.

  5. Stark(Dragon) says:

    Personally I’am not a fan of girls who act like boys because they are always annoying but Tatsuki is an exception because she isn’t annoying and she is also beautiful. And this pic from her is really nice Robert!;)

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