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  2. aizen says:

    momo with aizen,momo sucking aizen,call it thank you momo,you because he says that before he says sayonara

  3. aizen says:

    make a renji zabimaru,and call it roar zabimaru or something like that,hhmm a momo aizen one,great pics

  4. Black says:

    Looks like lurichyo’s waiting for Ichigo
    Matsumoto rinding Ichigo with a shocked face.
    Titled: You’re a Virgin?!!!


    Loly getting dominated by Ichigo.
    Titled: The stronger one always wins.


    Nemu riding Ichigo titled:”Gathering information on Vizard”

  5. ccc says:

    Hey, robert plz can you make my suggestion? Kukakku shiba on top of Grimmjow and call it untiteled.

  6. Captin Sensei says:

    I like this pic of sexy lurichiyo. it too bad they only have her as a filler in the series and not a main character. i kinda would like to see her when she is older.

  7. ccc says:

    awesome pic! plzz make my suggestion! Yoruichi raping(on top)young byakuya and call it “growing up”

  8. aizenrules says:

    all these new pics u made are as good as evr if not better.. you r truly a great artist robert.. by the way could you please do my suggestion…

    espada 9 aaroniero fuking rukia in her soul reaper clothes which are partly removed and he’s removing his mask revealing to her that he has kaien shiba’s face and rukia looks shocked yet pleased with her legs wrapped around his lower back and he’s smiling evilly and title it ‘fated reunion’

  9. Stark(Dragon) says:

    Nice pose there Robert! It’s like Lurichiyo is inviting the viewer ‘Wanna have some fun?’ ^^ Great pic again Robert!:)

  10. Someone says:

    Robert can you make something like this

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